Welcome to Cats of Enchantment!

Hello there and welcome! I am Jupiter the Cat of Enchantment. Soul Cat Extraordinaire!

I am a Soul Cat. Are you? As an enchanted soul cat from New Mexico, I have the benefit to speak the unconditional language of love. My wish is to continue to add more light to this world and I hope to capture your hearts along the journey.. and to share the love and zen that we Soul Cats are.

zen cat

I have created this website with the help of my human friend Stacy to share the love and be the zen. We hope to  have fun, be creative and to help us all remember who we really are ~ beings here to live and learn and evolve on this soulful journey called Life. Be Here Meow!

From our heArts to yours,

IMG_1309 IMG_0920

Jupiter, Soul Cat Extraordinaire
and Stacy

PS. Come visit us on FaceBook at: https://www.facebook.com/Jupitersoulcatextrodinaire





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